Your electrician team for commercial and residential projects

Safe electrical systems are key to a comfortable home or business. Before Ridgeline Electric started, owner Sam Campbell had done other construction jobs for years and learned the right way and wrong way others used.

When Ridgeline was started in 2005, it was the knowledge of framing, flooring, plumbing and other trades that gave Sam a serious advantage. The homebuilders who have depended on his skills consistently use Ridgeline Electric. That’s why he works with the same top builders again and again.

Homeowners need an electrician who understands old and new construction and looks for ways to do the work more efficiently. By understanding your family needs and lifestyle, we can make suggestions to make your home more comfortable and safe. Lighting placement, fire safety, outdoor electrical plugs – there is a wide range of requirements. We start with a conversation where our electricians carefully listen and finish the work leaving the home as clean as when we started.

Business owners need the same quality of work and personal service: highly reliable electricians, with the right crews on the right jobs. Full-service business electrical contracting includes lighting design or replacement, partnering with IT companies on network systems, maintenance to save on costs & problems, discussions with other contractors how to improve the working environment, or simply adding new wall plugs as the business needs change.

Better Built New Homes

constructing a homeIt’s not easy learning to read blueprints and then visualizing the best way to complete the work. As Ridgeline Electric has grown, the general contractors we work with know we will ask questions.

To get the building built properly, it’s crucial to understand the steps in the full construction processes. There are many different subcontractors who need to work as a team, without working at the same time.

When the electrical work is done properly, the schedule the General Contractor has planned can stay on track.

  • Right crew size and skills
  • Understand the big picture and deliver reliably
  • Work is completed on schedule
  • Electrical Inspections passed
  • Other trades see the professionalism & work to match the quality
  • The worksite is clean and ready for others.

Smart Electrical Services For Homeowners

Electrician for Homeowners The education of an electrician never finishes. New ideas, products, technology and family requirements are changing every day. To keep our homeowner customers comfortable and safe, Ridgeline Electric offers a range of services to handle all residences:

  • Lighting review, design suggestions, purchasing and installation
  • Smart home or low-voltage services installed and maintained
  • Additional wiring and plugs as the lifestyle changes or renovation done
  • Outdoor living made easier with patios, landscaping, hot tubs, music, cooking and more
  • Fire alarm system upgrades
  • Light bulbs, old aluminium wiring replacement and other maintenance requirements.

There is a lot of electrical wiring and hardware in your home. Keeping you safe is always the priority with Ridgeline Electric.

Business Electrician

Electrician Commercial PropertiesBusiness equipment requires reliable electrical power, and business owners need reliable electrical contractors. Ridgeline Electric works with business owners to keep their staff productive by keeping the power on and doors open.

New computers, printers and copiers have replaced old technology. Consistent and well-managed power for lighting, air conditioning, and speciality equipment keeps employees working and efficient. And these requirements continue to change.

Keep your business operating smoothly:

  • Lighting upgrades and installation in new work areas
  • New power outlets to handle equipment changes and technology upgrades
  • Improve customer’s experience with power & lighting options
  • Reliable power to maintain computer safety
  • Changeover to new light sources to reduce electricity costs
  • Maintenance to make sure electrical panels and wiring is safe

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