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New Home Construction

Understanding Scope

All electrical contracting includes the essential communication between the building owner, general contractor when appropriate, and the electrician. By asking good questions and listening carefully to what the builder and their client expect, we get  the facts we need. And we can make suggestions to make the project go more smoothly.

Ridgeline Electric’s owner Sam Campbell, his long-service journeyman and even the apprentices all take care of the customer. That starts by seeing the big picture and how the work should be completed. Then the customers is pleasantly surprised by their requirements being anticipated.

Project Flow

  • Budgeting

    The wiring and components hidden behind walls, inside lighting fixtures and conveniently available at every door cost money. At Ridgeline we’ve found that homeowners actually expect more lights than necessary are needed, that more visits to the home are required over the years and upgrades – that’s why customers give us great comments. By thinking ahead, we save them money and make their home more livable.

  • Scheduling

    Electricians are often one of the chain of trades needed to build or to do upgrades. The Ridgeline crews are constantly thinking about how to stay on track with larger calendars so the total work is done on time.

  • Purchasing

    Shopping starts with knowing what the requirements and budgets are. For example, when a home theatre projection screen is being installed, or hot tub is being considered, the wiring needs to be able to handle future upgrades. We will give you ideas on what’s needed, discuss your choices are and how this will work for your specific home or business.

  • Quality Control

    Before the Electrical Inspector does their necessary work, Ridgeline electricians are carefully doing their work. From properly tying wiring bundles to keeping electrical panels well organized and labelled: you need an electrical contractor who is planning to do the work professionally the first time.

Checklist for New Home

Things to Consider

Review the blueprints in detail, and discuss with general contractor or designer

Where will major appliance be located?
Where will major furniture like beds, couches, kitchen table be located?
Will a future room be built in the basement or additional power be needed on the patio?
What is the schedule for the Electricians’ work?
Deciding on products
Ordering products
Initial installation
Electrical Inspection
Finishing work after flooring, painting, cabinet work

Plan your Budget

Budget for wiring, panels, wall plugs, controls and switches
Budget for lighting
Working & Living Areas

Home office
Living room
Home theatre
Landscape and walkway lighting
Computers and communications power